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Rabbit Genetics

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Volume 1(1)/2011 (December, 30)

Monographic issue, one article, 223 pages.

Toba (Goina) D.-M., 2011 [Research regarding the heterosis effect in the phenotypical expression of the potential productivity for meat production to the rabbit hybrids]. Rabbit Genetics 1(1):1-223. [In Romanian with English summary]

Abstract. The monograph is structured on two parts and ten chapters. It is edited in Romanian but also nine page of English summary are available, all the titles, sub-titles, table titles and figure titles are translated to English. A large part of conclusions are translated and included in English summary. The work includes 60 tables, 90 figures, 159 bibliographic references. The research is based on ample breeding programs, and brings significant new knowledge about the most important industrial rabbit hybrids and their productivity.

Key words: rabbit hybrids, heterosis, productivity, Californian, New-Zealand white, chinchilla.